Microgreens are shipped in clamshell packaging with insulated boxes & ice packs

What do you get when you make an order?

How your product will arrive.

 Our orders consist of large and small  clamshell packaging. Inside each package is a square slice  of delicious microgreens that fits perfectly inside the container. You will receive your microgreens as living growing plants that are still growing in our growing medium (coco-coir). That way you can count on the freshness of your product. Microgreens act like vegetables when harvested, as soon as you cut them, the nutritional benefits start to break down. This way you and your family can enjoy 100% of the nutrition.

How to care for your microgreens when they arrive.

    When your product arrives, open the box and examine the package and determine if they need water by seeing the color of the coco coir, if the coco is light brown and dry, add a bit of water until it has turned dark brown. If you water in excess, just tilt the clamshell to drain the excess water. Then put your microgreens into the fridge until you are ready to use them. We guarantee our product for 2 weeks if they are stored in the fridge.

How to prepare your microgreens for use.

  When you are ready to use your microgreens, just get a sharp pair of scissors and trim the amount that you want at the base of the plants as close to the coco as possible. Put your trimmed microgreens in a collendar and rinse the seed husks and coco coir off. After the rinse, your microgreens are ready to use in any meal, blended beverage, or by themselves.

Instructions for growing microgreens in a tray.

• Spread coco coir evenly in the tray provided.

•  Tamp the coco lightly until the surface is perfectly flat.

( Make sure there is NO peaks and valleys otherwise the seeds will accumulate in the valleys, & there will be bare spots on the peaks.)

•  Spread 1 pack of seeds evenly across the whole tray.

•  Mist seeds with H2o until the whole tray is moist, not soaked.

•  Cover seeds with dome and put in a dark, cool space for 3-4 days, misting daily.

•  Day 4-5, Uncover tray and place in a well lit, cool place with plenty of airflow. 

(Put clear dome away for your next grow.)

( Fresh air being forced under the microgreen canopy will prevent mold growth, the under side of the canopy will create a micro atmosphere if fresh air is not introduced.)

•  Water everyday, start enjoying as early as day 7 or 8.