Microgreens are shipped in clamshell packaging with insulated boxes & ice packs

Email for local orders to avoid shipping costs!



We strive for perfection,  so while we are on our way to mastering the art of microgreens, we are currently expanding our business into a national entity all while keeping our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum and continuing to bring you the freshest and nutritious microgreens available on the market.

We are now ready to ship online orders, we have a full menu with pricing while keeping our ordering system up to date and correctly inventoried, ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Shipping Disclosure

Shipping Disclosure


Please allow 7-10 days with most varieties (up to 15 days for specialty Microgreens) for shipping confirmation due to us making sure you receive the best product possible. Most orders will be grown to order as we don't want to produce any waste.

Small clamshell packaging is 6"x6" & Large clamshell packaging is 8"x8".

In the future, we will offer more shipping options, (Including Eco-friendly packaging) all packages will be shipped priority for quick delivery time.