Microgreens are shipped in clamshell packaging with insulated boxes & ice packs


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We are Microgreens4life!


At Microgreens 4 Life we believe in the future of health and Sustainability. Microgreens provide some of the most nutrient rich food source available, while preserving our most vital resource on the planet, Water. It requires a minimal amount of water to be sustainable when farming microgreens.

Did you know?


Microgreens contain anywhere between four to seventy times more vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants than their mature counterparts, depending on the variety! With studies from the USDA and the University of Maryland discovernig vitamins such as A, B, E, K, and C. As well as Beta Carotene and Lutein. The benifits of these greens have been linked to weight loss, higher immunities, disease prevention and reduction, even anti-aging!

What are you waiting for?


You can use our greens in a salad or as one! Top an omelette or in a soup. Great for burgers, shakes, smoothies and many more. No matter the use, we can insure this super food will be a healthy addition with added flavor to any creation!


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